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What PlantWorx Can Do For YOU!

PlantWorx is a comprehensive solution for utility operations.  PlantWorx goes far beyond work order management with modules for graphical design/staking, web maps, tracking outages, facilities maintenance and crew scheduling—everything you need to make your utility operations run more efficiently and more smoothly. 

And because it is modular, you can start with only what you need and add new modules when you’re ready—knowing that they’ll work seamlessly together as a fully integrated, closed loop solution that reduces manual and redundant re-entry of information. 

· Create a staking sheet and material pick list from a graphically or non-graphically created work order

· Monitor warehouse inventory

· Update the general ledger and other accounting systems in accordance with FERC accounting principles

· Access outage management information

· Analyze estimate vs. as-built comparisons

· Create custom reports and analytical tools



Why choose PlantWorx?


Easy to Use

Leveraging powerful new Microsoft user interface technology called Silverlight, our developers made Plantworx easy for even non-technical users.  Engineers, linemen, accountants, administrative personnel and managers alike will find PlantWorx   intuitive and valuable to their work.



PlantWorx is less than half the cost of traditional, on-site software.  A low, one-time startup fee and monthly per user fees are all you pay.  This covers everything you need including training, upgrades and ongoing support.  Everything!


Safe & Secure

Each user has their own login profile that determines the PlantWorx functions to which they have access.  PlantWorx software and data is hosted by TerraSpatial at RackSpace, an award winning, ISO certified software hosting company with high-security data centers across the US.


Easy to Get Started

You’ve probably heard or even experienced the challenges of getting started with traditional software.  It can involve a lot of your resources and take months.  With PlantWorx   we’ll have you up and running in days with minimal interruption to your team.


How is PlantWorx different?

· It’s Hosted

      - No servers or software to own/manage

      - Secure access anywhere—from any web browser

· It’s Complete & Customizable

      - A module for everything

      - Seamlessly integrated

· It’s Easy to Use

 - Latest UI technology

 - Perfect for non-technical & technical personnel alike

· It’s More Economical

 - Return on your investment within months. 

PlantWorx is a  comprehensive operations software solution for small and mid-sized utilities.

 With PlantWorx we take care of everything for you—hardware, software, security, back-ups, compatibility, upgrades, everything!  All you need is an internet connection, a web browser and your secure login.

PlantWorx hosting model




PlantWorx gives you secure access wherever you are.

PlantWorx is designed to seamlessly interface.

Return on Investment Analysis 
tailored for your utility

PlantWorx eliminates the need for redundant entries, increases efficiency and accuracy with a dynamically integrated system.

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