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Our Software Products & Services


PlantWorx  is a state-of-the-art software service suite specifically designed for small and mid-size utilities.  PlantWorx automates the end-to-end work order process—from concept to general ledger entries.   PlantWorx  integrates work order management with graphical design/staking, web maps, tracking outages, facilities maintenance and crew scheduling—everything needed to help utility operations run more efficiently and effectively.  By leveraging a powerful new Microsoft user interface technology, Silverlight, our developers have made PlantWorx  easy to use for even non-technical personnel.  Engineers, linemen, accountants, administrative personnel and managers alike find PlantWorx intuitive and valuable to their work.  Click here for more information.


MapWorx a fully integrated, comprehensive, graphical editing tool for managing and changing the geospatial information obtained in a field inventory.  It has facilities for circuit design, work order creation, cost estimation, circuit management, outage tracing and a wide range of geo-spatial query functions. These functions give operations and engineering users a broad array of options for analyzing and updating the digital plant model that save time and improve decision-making.  MapWorx  is the offspring of SpatialCad , our former graphical editing software, and is currently being used by several clients. Click here for more information.


WebMaps is a powerful, browser-based map viewing and reporting tool that is intuitive and easy to use. It enables technical and non-technical staff alike to browse maps, trace outages, perform customer searches, and locate plant assets by age or other attributes.  WebMaps  allows lineman and other employees a way to access plant data anywhere an internet connection is available.  Click here for more information.


In addition, TerraSpatial Tech maintains ongoing relationships with partners who specialize in field inventory services in order to assist our clients as needed.  Contact us for more information.

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